Australian Outback Spectacular

The Australian Outback Spectacular use the Natural Cleaner Company Organic Animal Enclosure Sanitising Deodoriser, the active ingredient is a very effective, bioflavonoid based formulation derived from fruit & vegetable extracts. It is a non-toxic natural replacement for chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds, peroxide and other chemical based disinfectants. It destroys odour causing bacteria as well as the odour molecules.

A spokesperson for the Australian Outback Spectacular said “we need to eradicate any trace of Ecoli from the sand in the arena, our offsite testing proved that the Natural Cleaner Company product achieved the sanitation required and does a better job than the previously used chemicals and it’s safer to use and even cheaper to buy”.

Eliminating the odour causing bacteria in the arena sand ensures their visitors enjoy the show free from the threat of airborne bacteria.