Cornetts IGA

Cornetts IGA Supermarkets have been using 100% safe cleaning and sanitising products since 2011, their CEO Graham Booysen wanted to remove the risk of toxic chemical injuries from their business; see Grahams’ testimonial below.
Products that are being used in Cornetts IGA Supermarkets operation and their uses are:

  • Natural Cleaner Company Degreaser – Cleaning food prep area floors and equipment
  • Natural Cleaner Company All Purpose Surface Cleaner – General food contact safe cleaning
  • Natural Cleaner Company Sanitiser No Rinse – Sanitising in food preparation areas
  • Natural Cleaner Company Dishwashing Liquid – Washing up in fresh food departments
  • Natural Cleaner Company Hand Cleaner – Washing hands
  • Natural Cleaner Company Hand Sanitiser – Sanitising hands
  • Natural Cleaner Company Sanitising Deodoriser – Sanitising flood effected stores

CitroLife® delivered site specific training modules that ensured the transition from using chemicals to using natural cleaning and sanitising products was seamless for the business.