Queensland Government

The Natural Cleaner Company is proud of its association with the Queensland Government and the Department of Corrective Services, the decision to move away from toxic chemicals at the Maryborough Correctional Centre and provide a chemical free environment was a first in Australia and has proved very successful.

The implementation of the 100% natural products delivered the results being achieved by toxic chemicals without the risk of injury, the centre has been chemical free since April 2013 and the cleaning and sanitising standards are looking great.

Products that are being used in Maryborough Correctional Centre and their uses are:

  • Natural Cleaner Company Degreaser – Cleaning floors and walls
  • Natural Cleaner Company All Purpose Surface Cleaner – General cleaning
  • Natural Cleaner Company Sanitiser No Rinse – Sanitising in food preparation areas
  • Natural Cleaner Company Dishwashing Liquid – Washing up
  • Natural Cleaner Company Bathroom Cleaner – Cleaning bathrooms & toilets
  • Natural Cleaner Company Toilet Cleaner – Once a week toilet bowl cleaner
  • Natural Cleaner Company Laundry Powder – Washing machine use